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This blog is about my quest to declutter my apartment. It focuses on clutter, decluttering, and the endless quest to separate the junk from the important stuff - at home and in life.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

OK, one Before & After shot

On top is the picture posted earlier - the view when you walk into the living room. Below, is the photo I took after some cleanup. The tables are gone, the windowsills more clear and accessible, the blankets and trash picked up. That's Dora the Explorer's house in the foreground of both pictures - my daughter is "still playing with that." Of course, I forgot to move the other pile of stuff (the other picture frames that had been in the windows) and dump the big bag of trash, before snapping this shot. Oh, and the books that were on the coffee table are sitting on the couch in Picture #2. All of those have been moved by now. Hey, it's a start.


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