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Thursday, June 08, 2006

A break from the kitchen

Well I got some unexpected things done last night, but skipped on other things. As expected, my bed was piled with clean laundry, so I had to get that folded and put away. I dreaded putting the kids' stuff in their armoire because it is such a mess... summer and winter stuff all mixed together because the weather has been crazy... dirty clothes mixed in with clean because The Girl changes her outfit 4 times a day and doesn't get the concept of "hamper"... outgrown stuff, stained stuff, and too-big stuff all jumbled up because they have too damn much stuff. It's really The Boy who has the most stuff, as he inherits clothes from his cousin. Anyway... since The Boy is off from school today, there was no rush to put him to bed last night, so I managed to tackle a lot of the stuff in the armoire as I put back the clean clothes. I threw out some stained stuff. I divided the other things into piles like, "winter clothes that should still fit next winter" (put those in a drawer), "winter clothes in good condition that won't fit next winter" (split these about 50-50 between stuff to donate, and stuff to keep for sentimental/future baby reasons), "summer stuff they can wear now" (put in the armoire). He and his sister played nicely during all this, so I got a lot done. There's still more to do in various bags and boxes, but at least the armoire shelves are neat and they can find things.

I found two big bags of Swimmie diapers - two summers ago I had bought a big stash, because they can be difficult to find, and they were on sale at the time. Now that The Girl is potty trained, I don't need them. Once again I am torn between saving for another baby (maybe?) and giving them away. I think I will ask the people in my building who have little babies if they might want them.

I have this same problem with a huge box of size 4 diapers I had just opened. Why do kids wait until you buy a huge stash, before deciding they don't need it? The Boy did the same thing with grapefruit juice, drank it every day all year, I bought 2 more cases and he decided NAHHHH, no more for me!!!

The mess in my bedroom was getting to me also, so I got the kids to take a break and haul all the toys out of my room. They were really good about this. When we were putting stuff in their room, The Boy asked if we were cleaning his room too. I said, "Not tonight" because it is too big a job. Still, I felt guilty, demanding that my room be cleaned up, while I let their room continue on as a cluttered obstacle course. I'm hoping maybe this weekend we can get to some of it - but I hope for that EVERY weekend and it doesn't happen.

Hubby did the dishes and took down all the recycling, but we didn't get to the turtle tank. It's got to be done tonight as the water is looking a little green...


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