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Friday, June 09, 2006

Losing Steam?

I feel like I lost some steam last night - although really, I guess I still got some stuff done. First, in the kitchen - in addition to the cookie jar I cleaned out the other night, we have two huge bowls of candy. Mostly lollipops, jawbreakers and other sweets of the kind my mom called "tooth rots" when we were little. We keep one bowl on one of the microwave carts, and the other on top of the fridge. I have no idea why there are two different bowls. I think at one time they held different categories of candy, but not anymore. The kids helped me combine the two bowls. We threw out a few things - some stuff they don't like, some half-opened stuff, anything getting stale or sticky, and some stray Nerds & Smarties that had fallen out of their wrappers. We also broke down some unopened goodie bags and hauled out some little toys that had found their way in there. In the end, it all fit into the one bowl, which I put back on top of the fridge. I also explained to them that they need to ask from now on, if they want candy - as I frequently find my 3 year old eating lollipops at all hours of the day. I would like to reiterate at this point that we still have more candy than my kids can eat in 3 lifetimes, and most of it is stuff they will never touch (hard sucking candies, creme savers, and little taffies with Russian writing on the wrappers, which we seem to pick up every Halloween, and throw out every following October in preparation for more).

Other than that, not much got done, but we did do our turtle tank maintenance, which made its resident African Mud Turtle, Little Ann, very happy. At least I think she (he?) is happy.

My mom is coming for a visit tomorrow, so I need to do some of Flylady's "5 minute room rescues" tonight - but overall I think we're in pretty decent shape - and a lot better than we were a week ago.

Even so, I feel like I lost a little momentum last night, and I think I know what happened... I made the mistake of putting on the bedroom TV and sitting down for "five minutes" while hubby put The Boy to bed. Next thing I know, I was watching some new show about people winning the lottery, and I couldn't drag myself back to any of my decluttering projects. I know now why so many of these decluttering books tell you to GET RID OF THE TV - or at least keep it turned off. Heck, I figured the summer is a fine time to break the TV habit, since everything is reruns, but not anymore. Lots of new shows starting this summer. And reruns of stuff I missed the first time around. And fun stuff on the Food Network. I also see why Flylady insists that you keep your shoes on all the time - much harder to sink into bed and get stuck there when you are wearing your shoes - but that's a habit I still can't get into either. Oh well. Hopefully I won't get caught up tonight...


Blogger wisahm said...

Wow, so much of what you wrote is my house. My advantage tho is my sq footage. I too have the gobs of candy everywhere - for both daughters from Halloween, then from easter, various parties, and a Memorial Day parade, some separate by child, others not. And the clothes. My eldest has more clothes that she can possibly fit in her very large closet, yet doesn't want to wear any of it. UGH. I've gotten the winter stuff out of their closets (at least if it was clean), but I still haven't got it all stashed.

And I did about a 2 hour house rescue on Friday before having the eldest's best friend over for a sleepover. I did this so my house wouldn't be in chaos (thank you Flylady) and then we were outside when they arrived and didn't go in, so her dad couldn't see my unusually clean house.

Since then, I've pretty much done nothing. Oh wait, I did sort the girls' underwear and got what didn't fit out of the basket and all the stuff that did into their underwear drawers.

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