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Thursday, November 13, 2008

I was a bad Mommy this morning.

It's hard to get my kids out of bed. They probably go to bed too late, but we're working on that. It's hard to drag myself out of bed as well (I already know I go to bed way too late).

So this morning, as usual, I spent a good 20 minutes yelling at them to get up, get dressed, get up, get dressed, etc. I was already overstressed because hubby was out moving the car, Baby decided he needed milkie RIGHT NOW, and I still had to put their snacks together and get myself dressed. And it was already 7:35 AM.

But they got out of bed (finally). And hubby found a spot for the car. And the Girl finally got herself dressed, and the Baby was settled in his highchair with some yummy Gerber puffy-snack things. And I was beginning to think we might get out the door on time after all. And then, the Boy comes to me with this: "Mom, have you seen my glasses?"

He says he put them on his table last night, as always. But they weren't there. And they weren't on the floor (at least what I could see of the floor). And we couldn't find them.

My guess is that they were moved by the Baby, who likes to sneak in there once I turn out their lights (yes, the Baby is routinely up later than the big kids; he doesn't have school and he naps when he feels like it, and it was the same way with the Girl and the Boy back in the days before they went to school, so no lectures please). The Baby likes to take stuff and move it - as evidenced by the fact that I have now been sleeping in my contact lenses for 5 nights because he stole/hid my contact lens case and I am too cheap/lazy to buy a new one.

But instead of blaming the Baby, I screamed at the Boy. And the Girl. Because of the mess. And the fact that I have to do everything. And they have too much crap. And they never clean up. And they don't take care of their things.

I used lots of curse words. And yelled. And threw some stuff. And yelled some more.

They got to school just as the doors were closing. My son did not have his glasses (of course we couldn't find his old ones either, which have been on my dining room table since about January but suddenly are not there anymore) and I don't know how that worked out for him. His eyesight is not as bad as mine, but I get the feeling it's not so great either.

Of course, I am still sulking and feeling the bad mommy feelings. And wondering why decluttering is still so very hard for me.


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