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Monday, March 24, 2008

Weekend Update - March 22 & 23

What I got done this weekend:
  • Cleaned/scrubbed stovetop, counters, dishrack & drawers. I am frustrated because although I have not seen/heard mice, I keep finding mouse poopies in my dishrack and next to my toaster oven. I am now being extra careful to take out the garbage, not leave stuff in the sink, etc., as I had been lazy about taking care of these things on a nightly basis.
  • Took down recycling (also trying to do this daily now)
  • Mentioned mice to exterminator, when he came by. He was not the usual guy, and when he saw the place, he was probably thinking, "Well, DUH, look at this place, surprised you don't have roaches and bats too." He put down more pellets. Then he stood around - I think he was looking for a tip!
  • Went to BJs and bought lots of meat so we can cook at home. Also bought diapers, soap and other necessities that have been needed for a while. I then cleaned out the freezer somewhat to make room. I threw away a very old box of ice cream push pops that my kids didn't like, and some bread that I froze about a year ago. I did not throw out the McDonald's birthday cake that has been in there, unopened, for 14 months.
  • Went to Key Food and bought some other needed stuff - just the usual - milk, seltzer, eggs, cheese, yogurt...

What I didn't do that I really needed to do
  • Unload the laundry basket of clean laundry. We sent the laundry out last week (about 2 weeks worth) and it is expensive, but nice when it comes back all folded. The downside is, there is no urgency in putting it away - unlike when it comes out of the dryer here and is thrown on my bed in a big heap.
  • Unload clean clothes, toys, etc. from the bassinet that has become a dumping ground since boychik doesn't actually sleep in it, preferring the mama bed as did his brother and sister before him.
  • Clean off my dresser and nightstand like I wanted to, especially since my favorite earrings are missing and probably in the mess somewhere
  • Laundry - which I wanted to try to keep in control so we don't have to keep spending $$$$$$$ to send it out
  • Put together the crib - to try and get the kid OUT of the mama bed.

What else I did
Got the kids to the park. Twice. And isn't that what it's really all about?

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