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This blog is about my quest to declutter my apartment. It focuses on clutter, decluttering, and the endless quest to separate the junk from the important stuff - at home and in life.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Too much lasagna

I got nothing done last night. NOTHING. Hubby cooked the lasagna that I prepared, and it came out good (but a little runny)... and I ate too much and felt like a big slug all night. So I did nothing. OK, I did get my bills paid, but I had to do that anyway, and it didn't do anything to improve the overall condition of my house. The dinner dishes are still in the sink, and I didn't touch my "zones."

And the kids' room is already drifting toward mess. I knew I should have taken the "after" pictures while it still looked good!

I have to get myself on the ball tonight.


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