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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

More laundry excitement

Again I didn't get much done in my zones last night. It was laundry day and I did get everything folded and put away, clean sheets on the beds, clean towels in the bathroom. I kind of like that. And now that I've gone through the kids' wardrobe, there is lots more room for the clean clothes. I even matched up last week's socks, which I never got around to doing last week.

I didn't do anything in the bathroom or kids' room, but I did sort through a basket of their clothes that's been sitting in my room. It was mostly clothes that are still too big for the Boy, or stuff that the Boy outgrew but the Girl could maybe wear in a year or two. And then there was other stuff mixed in there that needed to be in the outgrown/donate/toss pile. I put the too-big stuff on the top shelf of their wardrobe, which I had emptied when I did the big switcheroo last week. So now there is no longer a big basket of stuff at the foot of my bed. The basket itself was one of those pop-up hampers, but being overstuffed had destroyed it, so out it went. And that's about it for last night.

I think I figured out why I always lose steam with Flylady halfway through the month. I do alright with the hallway & kitchen. When we get to the bathroom, I always feel like I don't have a lot to do in there, since it's really not cluttered. I guess I should be doing the deep cleaning in there. Something to think about. Flylady also says to work on "one other room" during the bathroom week, which should be the kids' room, since I don't have an office or laundry room or garage or den or anything - but I never quite get to that. And then the following week is always the living room, which I dread, so I avoid it. But I am going to try and tackle it next week when we are in that zone. I really am.


Blogger Frances said...

Your quest for tidyness sees me naked and tells its friends. You exhaust me, you whirling dervish of housework. I couldn't follow that Fly Lady chick after I neglected to shine my sink on night 1. I need a subversive housekeeping website, one that doesn't tell that drudgery is a blessing. And I like wearing slip-ons.

10:54 AM  

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