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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ways My 22 Month Old is Like a Puppy

This has nothing to do with moving, selling or clutter, but it's on my mind.

Keep in mind that I love children and I love dogs... would love to have a dog if I had the space, but I don't now. Plus my oldest is allergic, and my middle is afraid of them ever since my sister-in-law's shih-tzu bit her on the ear last spring, and my youngest... well... read on.

Ways My 22-Month Old is Like a Puppy
  • If I am reading or working while spread out on the floor, he will come sit on whatever has my attention
  • Runs to the refrigerator as soon as it is opened
  • Insists on sharing my food
  • Will steal any unattended food
  • Runs to the door when I come home, blocking my entrance while greeting me
  • Runs to the door if he senses I am about to leave
  • Doesn't like to be on a leash (I tried out a kiddie-harness at BJ's. He got mad that I wouldn't let him hold the end himself. Did not buy.)
  • Likes chasing dogs, squirrels, and balls
  • Afraid of the vaccuum
  • Makes a mess wherever he goes
  • Full of energy
  • Climbs on the furniture
  • Adorable and cuddly

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