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Friday, August 14, 2009

Something completely different

Today I'm writing about a different kind of clutter - what Flylady calls "Body Clutter" - ie, the excess weight we are carrying around on our bodies.

Summer 2005
I am 5 feet tall. Though some calculations recommend my weight be as low as 108, I feel and look happy when I am about 125. (I am curvy, particularly on top, and solidly built). In my 20s I fluctuated through the 120s... started rising after my second child was born. When she was about 2 1/2 (summer 2005), we took a vacation and the photos shocked me... I had really put on weight. I tipped the scales at about 144, higher than I'd ever seen when not pregnant. It finally got me moving.

I did a modified version of the Weight Watchers POINTS program using some old materials a friend had given me and some free websites for calculations (in other words, I didn't officially sign up or pay for WW). I had started this many times, but finally got serious. Over the next few months, I managed to get down to 128, where I looked and felt great. That was early 2006. Summer 2006

About 6 months later, I got pregnant. Maintained a pretty healthy weight. I nursed, which kept the pounds off. And as he grew and I nursed less and less, the pounds piled on again. And now, summer of 2009, I am right back where I was four years ago, at 144 pounds (and baby is just over 2 years old).

I made a few false starts already this summer, but I am starting yet again. I have had my morning coffee with a tablespoon of half and half. I am staring at a biscotti I brought from home, knowing it's 4 points and wondering if I should eat it (I'm not feeling hungry but it looks goooooood). For lunch I packed tuna (2 points, no mayo) with lettuce (no points) and 1/8 teaspoon of almonds (2 points for that little bit!!) We are probably eating dinner on the go tonight which already piles on the points, so perhaps I should skip the biscotti afterall.

By the way, looking at the two photos here (one from 2005 and one from 2006), I realize I don't look all that different. You might say the same if I posted one from today. In fact, these days people are constantly telling me I look great and asking me if I LOST weight. (It may be because I am trying to focus on my posture, and also because I finally traded in the nursing bras for some well-fitting, super-supportive models.) But I know myself. I know when my pants refuse to button at the waist and my skirts are too clingy and I know when I just feel fat. Fifteen pounds on a frame my size makes a big difference.

By the way - I FINALLY got the keys to my storage unit!!! I can't wait to start moving stuff in!

Of course I almost moved myself in there last night after freaking out and screaming at the 2 year old for dumping water all over the bathroom floor. I don't know what set me off but I had a full-on freak out. Instead of locking myself up, though, I took a walk. To Dunkin Donuts. And had a big iced mocha latte (with skim milk and no whipped cream). And a Boston Kreme donut. Soooo... we will do better today. Right?

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Just a Cute Story

The big kids are going to day camp this summer. Not every week, but five (maybe six) weeks out of the nine. (By the way, a nine-week summer seems somewhat unusual on the NYC Public Schools calendar. I think it's usually eight, but I'm not complaining.)

Husband has to be home around 4:45 to meet the bus when they get off. He generally takes the little one out to the park in late afternoon, then heads back to wait for them on the stoop. The other day, B was not content to play. Instead he grabbed his Dad's hand and led him over to the stoop, anticipating the bus's arrival.

It's sweet things like this that I have to remember when he is biting and hitting and generally trying my (and the big kids') patience.

Apartment update: Had a showing yesterday and having another one today. Still no bites, but supposedly today's lookie-loo is "very interested." The broker also told her we are "very negotiable" though I'm not really sure that is a great thing to say..

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