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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Fun in the Bathroom

I managed to do 15 minutes (actually more like 25!) in my bathroom tonight. Armed with Fantastik OxyPower and some paper towels, I sprayed and wiped down my tile walls. The tile goes about halfway up the walls, all around the bathroom, which isn't much as it's a tiny room. I skipped the shower tiles - I will have to do that another time. After the walls, I cleaned the lightswitch, toilet, sink and mirror. When I checked the clock, I still had 3 minutes left of the 15 I promised myself - so I took out the two plastic shoeboxes of sample shampoos, creams and so on from under the sink. Hubby actually uses the sample stuff, and probably has a mental inventory, so I didn't dare throw out "his" stuff. I did get rid of three fairly large bottles of lotion that were given to me, though - they were all a few years old, yet all largely un-used, and even though they are "nice" (Bath & Body Works), I never liked the smell and probably never will. So out they went!

I then had to rearrange the trash because if Hubby sees them in there, he will grill me as to why I threw out the nice lotions. I would leave them in the basement, but is anyone really going to want to take someone's discarded toiletries? Doubt it.

I also managed to find a few bottles of bubble bath that I can use on the kids, and some lotion that I really do like and will use. When I was done, everything fit into one shoebox, so I liberated the other one (will probably end up using it for more of the kids' stuff).

Also got all the dishes done and took the garbage out tonight.


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