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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ink and Paper (and Scanner and Email)

Monday morning I brought the marketing agreement to my husband who was trying to get back to sleep after moving the car to a legal parking spot (we had parked at a meter the night before, had to move the car by 7:30 am, one of the “pleasures” of street parking in NYC). I said “Here. Sign my Mother’s Day present.” He did. Later he called me up and asked if he had really signed it. But he had a smile in his voice.

Today (Tuesday) I scanned and emailed it to the broker. I’m a little nervous (okay, a lot). Also I just called my super who said he would get back to me about the storage space “sometime maybe next week” when he has the keys. I’m not hopeful, considering we had this same conversation at least a month ago. It may be time to start schlepping things to the inlaws’ house.

Other than that, I’ve just been dealing with a wicked bout of mastitis. That’s no fun at all.

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