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Friday, June 16, 2006

A Night Alone

Hubby took the kids to the Mets game tonight, and so I had a night to myself. I picked up his Father's Day gift on the way home, picked up some Chinese food for myself, and came home and vegged in front of the TV for a while. I saw my neighbor's son had dropped off more stuff (toilet paper, light bulbs, ziploc bags, and some food from the pantry) and I rang the bell to thank him, but no one answered, so I went back to get some "work" done.

I had promised myself I'd finish cleaning the kitchen floor that I had started here so I first moved most of the stuff out of the kitchen, then got down to scrubbing - real scrubbing, on my knees with a brush. When that was done, I mopped over it and let dry.

Next I had wanted to deal with my bedroom, so I spent some time getting pretty much all the kids' junk out of there. Lots of books and toys. I was able to sort most of their stuff into the baskets and areas we had made on Saturday. As I hauled stuff into their room, I also took things back out - piles of laundry, toys that went elsewhere. So I accomplished a lot and my room looks a lot better. AHHH.

I decided I am going to give away at least one bag of the Swimmie diapers and also give away all the loose diapers from the last jumbo pack we bought. I bet I have 30 of them lying around and at least one neighbor who'd take them. I also still have two sealed bags from that jumbo pack. I know I should part with those too, but I feel like I spent the money and ... I know... it's dumb. What am I going to save them for 3 or 4 years until the baby I may or may not ever have, will fit into size 4s? (Thanks Fran for this great insight...) I should put them in my "out box" as suggested in the Apartment Therapy book, and see what happens.

Sometime during my bedroom clean up, the doorbell rang, and it was my neighbor's son and his wife, coming to say goodbye, as they are going back to Florida in a few days. I invited them in, and as they looked around, I saw my living room as they must see it - a disaster area, with toy bins and toys scattered around, not an inviting place at all. Just a ... yuck zone. I didn't really see it that clearly when my mom visited, because she is used to the mess and I'm used to not caring what she thinks. But tonight... ugh. I felt miserable.

With the bedroom done, the kitchen floor dry and things put back together in there, I took a shower, then vegged out and watched some bad TV for a while. I've probably spent more time here typing than I really spent cleaning tonight - but things do look and feel just a little better. Still, I'm feeling frustrated... I could probably do this every night, all summer, if I had the time, and still not make a dent...

OK Everyone's home so I'm signing off...


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