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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stinkin thing lost my post

I didn't have a great title, anyway. OH well. Here goes again.

Last night was a bust. We had a PTA meeting and didn't get home until after 9pm, at which point J. announced that a) he was hungry and b) he still had homework to do. I fixed him something to eat but I was angry about the homework. To my credit, I didn't blow up - but I was pissed off nonetheless. Then he wanted to play a game with me, but I explained that there was no time - he had to finish the HW (which he was frustrated with, and didn't want to do) and then go to bed. Somehow he was still up until 10:30.

I managed, finally, to put two items on ebay - a PUR Water Filter system that I had tried to install but couldn't get quite right, and a Power Rangers radio-controlled Ninja cycle that J. has had for over a year and never opened. (He agreed to let me list it and I agreed to share the $$ with him.) Also managed, during this, to figure out how to download from my new digital camera. That means pics will be coming soon!!

Oh - the good thing - at the PTA meeting, S. received the Student of the Month award for her class and got to go on stage with the other winners. (Not to leave him out, J. got the award for HIS class in December.) I'm so proud!!!!

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