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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Picking up speed

Last night was a hassle. Without getting into details, let me say that we rushed to an appointment, cramming down McD's as we went, and the appointment was canceled. The good news was, we got home earlier than planned. Time to watch American Gladiators with J, and help him put together his Steel Cage Wrestling Ring (birthday gift from Grandma). I also forced myself to work in the kitchen for 15 minutes. I didn't get much done but I started in the front corner where random things tend to pile up.
  • There were a few toys over there that somehow didn't get into the donation pile last week... they will have to go out, and the sooner the better. (Is it wrong that I reclaimed two of them for Baby B?)
  • I found a Peak Flow Meter that the insurance company had sent me for free, for the kids' asthma. We never used it. I listed it on Freecycle instead.
  • Threw away my old drill set that refuses to charge.
  • Put away my other drill that was laying around (power tool + small children, not a good combo).
  • Threw away the excess paperwork from the kids' school candy sale, moved the last few "deliveries" (for Aunt/Cousin) onto hallway shelf ("staging area" for things that need to be returned).
  • Gathered up serving utensils to return to PTA, bagged them and moved to "staging area."
  • Ditto for earrings hubby bought me that broke and need to be returned/exchanged.
  • Opened set of LED bulb stick-on mini-lights and tested them out. Cool, they work! Now I just need to figure out where to put them.

So, not too much but it already looks a little better/brighter.

Still, sometimes I see my apartment as others see it and I just want to crawl into a hole (or a pile of dirty laundry) and hide.

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