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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

... and losing ground...

What got done yesterday:
  • Baked brownies with the kids, for J's in-class birthday celebration
  • Listed asthma peak-flow meter on Freecycle (actually I think I did this on Monday)

What didn't get done yesterday:
  • 15 minutes of decluttering
  • garbage taken out

I guess baking the brownies was a good thing, time spent with the kids doing something fun. But I can't take the way my house looks anymore. (I say that every day. So why can't I fix it?)

My table leg keeps falling off. It just needs a nut, but I don't know what size. The bolt is attached to the leg so I can't bring it to the store to see (unless I bring the whole leg). I guess I have to take a nut off one of the other legs for comparison. Meanwhile I just yell at the kids every time they lean on the (now very wobbly) table. What I really want is a new (or used, but new to me) dining room set. I want a SMALLER table, so that (a) it doesn't get as junked up with clutter (yeah right), and (b) it fits the space better as we need to move the highchair back in there soon and there's just no room.

Also I need to tape up the electrical wires that are trailing my dining room floor (phone is in the kitchen, outlet is in the dining room) because baby boy is starting to move around!!! He's not yet crawling but he's getting squirmy, and nothing is safe from his jaws...

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