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Monday, January 07, 2008

Weekend Update - First weekend of 2008

It was a sort-of busy weekend, I got a little done but not much.

I did list that big box of packing peanuts on Freecycle. I have someone who may want it. Better than that, when I hauled it out from under my dining room table, I also found a $30 Toys R Us gift card that I didn't know was missing, and my MIL's Chanukah present, which I had forgotten was missing. So that was nice.

Much of Saturday was spent at a party at the home of one of J's classmates. They have an apartment around the corner. It's a 3-bedroom but the 3rd is tiny and off the kitchen; I think they created it rather than it being a true 3-bedroom. I don't know that we will ever find a true 3-bedroom in Briarwood. Not that we've really started looking. Yet. That's a topic for another day, though. In any case, we stayed at the party most of the afternoon, I slapped together some spaghetti, sauce (Tuttarosa) and frozen shrimp for dinner, we made the goodie bags for J's party, and not much else got done.

Sunday was J's 8th birthday party, which was really a lot of fun and only a little stressful. Of course when we got home I realized I didn't have my camcorder on me. The place says no one has turned it in. I am hoping maybe someone took it by mistake and will return it. But what are the odds? I can replace the camera but I can't replace the disk of the party memories. I get so angry about things like this. Angry at myself for being careless but angrier at society. Even so I'm pretty calm, for me. Nothing I can do, right?

Anyway... like I said... not much got done. I've been unable to commit 15 minutes a day to decluttering - or even five minutes. Just being lazy, I know. In Flylady land, the first week of the month is dedicated to the dining room and entryway. Mine are pretty horrible these days. I still have holiday cards and decorations out, hats & gloves all over despite my attempts to corral them, and things are starting to pile up along the wall. Gotta stop this. But since we are starting the second week, it's kitchen time, and I really want to work on that. As I've said, my kitchen is pretty large, or it WOULD be if I could clear out some of the crap.

Other notes...
What didn't get done this weekend that really should have -
  • my laundry (the stuff I wash delicate so hubby doesn't fry it in the dryer)
  • kids sheets & blankets needed washing
  • J's scarf that I promised I'd fix
  • Partial turtle water change (slacking off already)

What got done, surprisingly enough -
  • Dumped a stack of papers roughly 8 inches high, that I didn't even know I had (mystery shopping notes from 2003 & 2004)

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