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This blog is about my quest to declutter my apartment. It focuses on clutter, decluttering, and the endless quest to separate the junk from the important stuff - at home and in life.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Dids and Didn'ts

Yesterday/Last Night:

  • Succeed in getting QCP to pick up several large bags & boxes of toys and clothing, after months of being stored randomly around the apartment
  • Partial replacement of turtles' water (should be done 1-2 times a week, gets done rarely if ever, usually resulting in nasty green water after 2 weeks. Changing all the water is a big pain, so we procrastinate, water gets nastier, turtles get unhappy, big hassle ensues)
  • Played games & read with kids
  • Crockpot dinner, washed dishes

  • Didn't:
  • Declutter at all

  • Today:

    Need to:
  • Go to the bank, make deposits
  • Pay bills & parking tickets

  • Going out on a date with hubby tonight (dinner & "Young Frankenstein" on Broadway) which is good for us, but means nothing will get done at home (ie, no decluttering). Kids are home sick from school, but not sick enough for us to have to miss the evening out (so far, knock wood).


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