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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two Days Away

For the last few weeks I have been obsessively checking my building management’s site, Craigslist, MLS and the New York Times and looking for my apartment listing. It’s still not there. My broker had not yet answered my email from Monday about getting the keys to her for the Open House (2 days away) and asking WHEN my apartment would actually be listed. I finally called her yesterday. She apologized for being out of touch as she had some family issues to take care of. She assured me the apartment would appear in the MLS before the Open House (did I mention, 2 days away!) and that the Open House would be the official start of marketing. She is picking up the keys Saturday AM. Open House is from 12-4 Saturday and Sunday. TWO DAYS AWAY.

I’ve been working hard trying to get things in order but I know that what looks incredibly awesome to me still looks like a cluttered freakshow to other people. But maybe the open house will be a good place to start - I'm sure there will be lots of feedback afterwards (presuming it actually gets publicized).

My kids and I have been cleaning up their room a little each night and it looks pretty good right now. I've also been trying to neaten the obvious stuff... but with very few places left to stash things, and no storage yet, I haven't had much luck. I am thinking of stashing a bunch in my car tomorrow night and then driving it off to storage after Little League on Saturday, since we can't return home during the Open House... but we'll see if I have the time and ambition.

Tonight, in addition to staying on top of the mess and getting my bedroom and closet in order (in 409, the closets that would normally be inside the master bedroom are actually in the hallway outside the bedroom), I have to help my son make an “American” dish for the cultural festival at school tomorrow. Are mashed potatoes American? I sure hope so.

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