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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Now what?

I am at work, but also near tears. My apartment is right now neater than it's looked in months, and yet... the realtor tells me that her photographer says it still "shows too busy." In other words, he doesn't think he can take pictures to market it to its best effect until we put a ton of stuff in storage. My super still has not come through with the storage unit, but the realtor suggests that even the available unit might not be big enough and I should go with a public storage type place. She offered to take photos with her camera (ie, not the fancy photog) just to get them out there, but she still recommends decluttering (DUH).

While I was typing she called me back. She thinks it might be best to get it out there WITHOUT photos (or photo of the building/park only) and let people be drawn in by the price & description. Then when she brings them by, she can explain the situation. Makes sense, but still really, really demoralizing. She also did suggest it still might not be a bad idea to start packing stuff up and storing it (after all, we'll be packing to move anyway, right?)...

We shall see.

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