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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Losing steam (again)

Things in 409 are on a downward spiral, as we've been on the go for the last few days. I feel like the little progress I've made has been washed away. My dining room table, which is usually not too bad (it used to be worse) is suddenly a major "hotspot" again. It doesn't help that we haven't eaten dinner at home in nearly a week because of various events:
  • Last night: Baseball game - ate at game
  • Monday night: Co-op board meeting - ate pizza
  • Sunday night: Father's Day - ate at inlaws' house
  • Saturday night: Baseball game - ate at game
  • Friday night: Hubby took kids to baseball game, I ate takeout
  • Thursday night: can't remember, so this was probably the last time we at at home.

It's now Wednesday and my table looks like this:
This is where my son does his home- work...

...for added fun, it's also sticky!

Among the things scattered across the table are:
  • The pirate ship given to the Boy by my neighbor's son
  • a bag of soil and a flowerpot for some seeds that we have yet to plant
  • a box of crayons, pens, glue & other school supplies
  • toys
  • Books
  • a sticker stuck to the table
  • flowers that were fresh 2 weeks ago (or more)
  • cup that needs to go in the sink
  • the boy's homework (imagine trying to concentrate in this chaos?)

The big white basket in back started out as a temporary holding place, so that when I would clear off the table for dinner, I could just dump things in there quickly. The idea was to clean it out each night after dinner. Can you guess what happened?

On the chair are some more things we got from my neighbor's son when he cleaned out her apartment. We still have to find space for them. There's also some clothes and a baseball cap on top of the pile.

I asked my Hubby on Monday if he would clean it up. So far he has not. I know I could probably do it in less than 15 minutes but I'm just so annoyed about how bad it's gotten.

Oh and since Steph asked for the after pics of the kids' room...

After 10 days

Now you see why I didn't post the after pictures...


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I think I can...I think I can...I think I can!

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