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This blog is about my quest to declutter my apartment. It focuses on clutter, decluttering, and the endless quest to separate the junk from the important stuff - at home and in life.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Sluggish Monday

Did nothing last night. Between the co-op board meeting, getting the kids fed and bathed, and eating too much pizza myself, I just couldn't deal with anything. (I am coming to realize a lot of my motivation or lack thereof revolves around what I ate and whether I ate too much of it. Hmmm, something to think about.)

I fell asleep earlier than usual and was up around 4am with a bad tummy ache. I eventually got back to sleep.

When I looked around 409 this morning, I realized there is not one room that does not look like a hurricane hit it. Well, maybe the bathroom. But who wants to hang out in there???

A friend asked me why there are no "after" pictures of the kids' room on here. I haven't posted them yet because they still look like "before" pictures.

Better luck tonight I guess...


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