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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Victory is Mine!


Ahhhh... after!

OK, I'll give Hubby some credit, he did a little bit before I got home. But just a little. I did the rest. I also washed it down to get rid of the stickers and the stickiness.

The basket still needs to be dumped and purged... and a lot of stuff just got moved temporarily to other places... but the garbage has been tossed, some things have actually been put away and the dining room is clean, at least for now.

Also last night, got the laundry folded and put away -- I was going to leave it for today, but I went ahead with it, and was much happier this morning for having done so. Do you know that in 7 days, the Girl managed to wear 15 shirts???

I will also give Hubby some credit for having done a sink full of dishes in the afternoon... (though I did b**** him out about it that morning) and for washing and drying all the clothes too.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WooHoo! Love the after pic! Way to go!
Throw it out, clean it up! You can do it!! YEAH!!!!!

8:45 PM  

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