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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Still going!

Another successful night last night. Five minutes in the entryway, during which I pulled out some broken camera equipment (going to see if it's fixable or worth fixing), and some stuff to put on ebay, Craigslist or freecycle (still not sure). Also tossed 2 pairs of Little Miss' outgrown sneakers, 1 pair of hubby's old sneakers, an un-used disposable camera that "expired" in 2001, and even a partially-used disposable camera that expired in 2002. This was rough for me - who knows what photos are on that roll? But the film is probably no good and it was a cheapie with poor quality anyway. BIG STEP as I am usually obsessed over saving every frame of film ever taken ever.

So... anyone want 3 Mets seat cushions or a brand-new video camera tripod? I don't need 'em...

I also managed not one, not two, but THREE five minute sessions in the living room. All three were spent sorting through some of the plastic shoeboxes that hold many of my kids toy pieces. These were uncovered, spilled out and spread around in front of some of the storage shelves. That area is a disaster but I'm going to tackle it a little at a time.


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