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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting there?

Last night my son broke out his legos, and he and my daughter sat in the living room on the floor and built ships and raced them. The very fact that there was room for them to do this made me realize - I'm getting there. The room is still shrinking as things pile up around its circumference, but there was room for them to play - and there hasn't been in quite a while. I'm trying not to think about the fact that the couches were covered in toys, and two chairs were piled on on top of another. I'm getting there, right?

I bought a bookcase on Craigs List, $20 from a guy moving to Texas next week. He was kind enough to take it apart, so I have to put it together. Haven't done that yet. I am going to use it to replace a smaller bookcase. My plan is to put it near the computer, so I have space for my photo albums (which are now overflowing the smaller bookcase, onto the floor and stuffed in several "nooks" in the entertainment center), some of our files, and ... not sure what else. Officey stuff. Maybe reference books and maybe some file boxes. I bought two nice file boxes the other day, I want to use one for the Boy's school stuff... but I have to sit down with him and cull the good from the bad. How do I teach him that he doesn't need to keep every single paper he ever set pencil to, when I can barely live by that rule myself?

I don't know what I will do with the smaller bookcase once it's empty. There really isn't room anywhere else. Could I maybe possibly maybe get rid of it?

That reminds me, those two damn end tables are still in the kitchen. Wasn't I making a decision on them 6 weeks ago?


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