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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Morning Routine Redux

This is a pared-down version of my morning routine... I think I am having to go "back to basics" and strip down my routines to the very, very basics... that is, the chores I already do EVERY DAY without fail. What happens to me is that I add too many things and then I just can't keep up. So... here goes. Now, to many of you this may be blatantly obvious stuff... but some of this stuff seems not to get done unless I am looking at a piece of paper that tells me to do it.

  • Shower & wash hair
  • Wipe down sink/counter and toilet, swish toilet with brush
  • Clean out shower drain and hang up mats
  • Get dressed, fix hair

OK. Those are the things I MUST do every day. Now the things I really should add:

  • Check calendar
  • Eat breakfast

And finally, the things I would like to do but never seem to accomplish. These need to be added slowly... but this is where I get caught up and figure if I don't have time to do these, why bother with anything on the list... and I'm back to square one. So for now, these are officially OFF my list, until I can adapt to the calendar checking and breakfast eating part of the routine:
  • 5 Minute Hotspot cleaning
  • 5 Minutes in Zone
  • Make sure a plan is in place for dinner (even if it just means take out or hubby is taking care of it), and do any prep work
  • Put on makeup (ok, I know some of you are probably horrified that I don't do this, much less that it's on my SOMEDAY list and not on my RIGHT THIS MINUTE list. But I never quite got the hang of it)

I will update you on my evening routines (HA) shortly...


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