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Monday, July 10, 2006

One box a day...

..and I'm able to keep up! I am trying not to fret about other things, but I am making sure I cross one area off my list each day. So far I have done:

  • 5 of the bins/boxes of kid-stuff in the living room
  • 1 big shopping bag of stuff in the living room
  • 2 shelves of the linen closet
  • top shelf of my closet
  • top of the kids armoire
  • 1 shelf of the bookcase.

Things are looking a little better and as I'm making spots for things, each box gets easier, as now I know where stuff goes.

Unfortunately, as I said, not much else is getting done. My morning routine is the barest minimum (shower, remove hair from drain, wipe down the toilet & sink, get dressed, fix hair, go to work). Now that I have more time in the mornings, at least until September, I am trying to get some small tasks done during that time. I am also trying to make an evening routine with the kids; that is easier said than done.

I have started trying to use my calendar again, as I can't seem to remember anything unless it's written down. My problem has always been that I write stuff in the calendar, and then NEVER LOOK AT THE CALENDAR AGAIN. I was doing alright for a while, but I've slacked off, as I seem to do with everything else.

I am also going to try to get some more photos up and make this blog more interesting...


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