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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Story So Far

Our little park
Sorry it's been a while. I doubt anyone's actually reading, so whatever. Here's the latest news, in no particular order.
  • After much nagging and cajoling, finally got the listing on the MLS!!!
  • It's listed with a photo of the stoop, a photo of the lobby, and several of the private park. Still no interior photos.
  • Still nagging the super about the storage. He claims it's cleaned out and he just has to get me the keys and the lease. Okay, I'm waiting.
  • We had pretty much no one show up for the open house. Okay, TOTALLY no one, as far as I know. Maybe because the apartment was not listed!
  • We have had a few showings over the last few weeks. The reaction has mostly been that it's a good space but needs work. We knew that.
  • Realtor called me Monday to see how low we would go, gave me a number that is 12.5 percent below our asking price. She didn't have an offer, but she was feeling someone out who was actually looking for a one-bedroom. I told her I wasn't sure (since there was no offer yet and the person hadn't even seen the place). Hubby was home when they came. The lookie-loo didn't even look past the living room - she wanted a 1-bedroom.
  • Neighbor across the street, who has been trying to sell his place for 2+ years, is finally about to close. His apartment is the one we almost bought 7 years ago. It is nicely renovated. He sold it for $1,000 LESS than what we are asking.
  • Apparently he had a buyer last year willing to pay $38,000 more than what he finally sold it for. The deal fell through because the buyer could not get an APPOINTMENT with the co-op board. (You read that right - it's not that he didn't get approval - he never even got in at all. That's scary.)
  • Neighbor used the same realtor as us, at first. He eventually sold it on his own.

I think that's it.



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